Project Proposals


Your project proposals are due on Wednesday, October 21. You need to give me a copy (hard copy or email), and in addition, you must post your proposal on this blog. The reason is that I want your classmates to see and to make comments about your project. Everybody will have to make at least one technical suggestion about some other project, I will announce the (random) pairings later. People in the class have diverse technical backgrounds that can complement yours, and I encourage you to discuss your projects beyond what I formally request.

WordPress supports Latex. See the FAQ. Still, it’s not that easy to use directly if you have a lot of equations, so I recommend that you use for example the little converter LaTeX2WP written by Luca Trevisan. With this tool, you can use the same file to prepare a hard copy for me the html code for this blog.

TODO: please create an account on by Wednesday, Oct. 14. Then send me the email address that you used to create that account, so that I can add you as a contributor to the blog.

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